Roles & Responsibilities

Greeters’ Duties

Greeters arrive at the location promptly at 11:15 to set up the table which displays the members’ business cards, a guest sign-in sheet and leads slips. If you notice that any member’s card pile is low and/or missing, please notify that member. Then, please stand by the room entrance and greet each member as they arrive. If a guest arrives, please take the time to welcome them to the meeting, show them where to sign in, and familiarize them with meeting procedure (example: they will be given a chance to speak for 2 minutes, etc), and then introduce them to a few other members.

Once the meeting has concluded, please put the business cards, leads slips, and table back where you found them.

If you are unable to attend a meeting for which you are scheduled to be a greeter, please contact a member of the Board as far in advance as possible. If you are unable to contact a Board member, please make arrangements with another LINQS member to serve as a substitute greeter in your place.

Member Presentations

Each week three members will give an eight-minute presentation about themselves to the group. This can be as formal as the member would like, some members give a PowerPoint presentation while others choose to do a question and answer session. The idea is to share your expertise so members can better understand what you do and how they can help you grow your business.

Scheduling of Greeter and Presentations

The scheduling board member creates a rotating member presentation schedule with three members presenting at each open meeting of each month. Members will be assigned to greet one week before they are assigned to give a presentation. Each member is expected to check the calendar online to understand when they are assigned to these duties. If you are assigned a speaking date and cannot make that date, please make arrangements with another member to exchange speaking dates and notify Speaker Greeter Scheduler of the changes as far in advance as possible.