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Majestic Domestics Residential cleaning company was born December 1, 2011 with the belief that work should be a “Do what you love to do” scenario.  Chief Domestic Natalie Mikishko loves to clean and has a team that loves what they do to support busy households.

Generally, there are two types of clients that appreciate our services. There is a homeowner that has a deep desire to maintain a highly organized and clean home but lacks the hours in their schedule to be able to accomplish that task.  Another client doesn’t enjoy cleaning and feels overwhelmed with getting the house back into order.  We advise all our potential clients to do the “D” word that is Delegate to a professional!  This will allow a few extra hours in your schedule to do what you love to do such as exercise, play with the kids, or just to relax.

You deserve Colorado’s best Front Range cleaning service, our customers are generally in Boulder – Superior – Louisville – Lafayette – Erie – Broomfield – Westminster, contact us if you are out of the area. We are ready to help you keep your busy life in order by offering a variety of cleaning services customized to fit your needs and lifestyle. There is so much more to life in Colorado than worrying about cleaning your house. Majestic Domestics cleaning team can help if you are looking for a one-time cleaning to clean up before or after a party or if you are looking for a weekly or bi-weekly visit to stay on one step ahead of the dust bunnies.Call today for a free estimate 720-412-2311