Dr. Don Schmidt, Chiropractor — Mountainview Chiropractic

Dr. Don Schmidt of Mountain View Chiropractic has been in Boulder for 18 years. He has been serving his patients with “Whole Person Approach” to get you well and back on track. So rarely do you ever see a more comprehensive examination to understand exactly what is going on in your body. Here is what Dr Don Schmidt says about his long exams.

“If you don’t look closely then you won’t find things, and if you don’t find things then you won’t treat them, and the person won’t recover fully. The chief complaint is often accompanied by other minor things. If you don’t look you don’t find… I get better results because I take the time to figure it out what is going on in the first place. And I try to make it fun! It’s not that unusual to hear laughter coming out of my treatment rooms when I am seeing patients, but I am very serious about my craft and my ability to help people get better.”

By combining the very best Chiropractic techniques that are right for your complaint, we can treat you exactly as your body needs. Dr. Don Schmidt is an expert in: Gonstead, Activator Technique, S.O.T. (Sacro Occipital Technique), and extremity adjusting. He will help make you better, and Mountain view Chiropractic is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health. Weather you require hands on treatment, or a gentle technique where people don’t hear popping Dr. Don can help.

Who does Dr. Don Schmidt treat? From seniors to young children – chronic pain usually hits in the mid-thirties and that is when patients finally look for a solution that youth has tricked them into thinking “It will go away” – youth lets us look past the pain. When you are ready to explore a pain free life, Dr. Don Schmidt of Mountain View Chiropractic is there to help you.

While our offices are in Boulder on 38th St we have patients drive down from the mountain towns or up from Denver because his methods work and he gets results!

What can Dr. Don Schmidt treat? Everything that hurts is a good general rule! The body works in amazing ways, don’t assume that things are not connected, we will figure that out for you. The usual pains we are seen for are – neck – mid – back – numbness – tingling – sciatic pain weakness – car accidents – bike – motor cycle – skiing – snowboarding – sport injuries – ankle – knee – shoulders – joints – TMJ – carpel tunnel – finger numbness. What do you want painless?

Car accident patients – Were you involved in an auto accident? Don’t underestimate the pain and the ongoing effects it can leave you with down the road. Left untreated for years, injuries become chronic issues – in some cases people are never treated at all – now is an important time to get checked out by a chiropractor.
Our Office except s most major insurance like Aetna – Blue Cross – Great West – Cigna – Humana – ask us if we take yours.

Dr. Don Schmidt and Mountain View Chiropractic is located
1650 38th suite 204 w Boulder 80301 near Arapahoe and behind Fate Brewery – call today for your free 15 minute evaluation 303-447-9700