Catherine Valentine, LMFT – Marriage & Family Therapist

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Catherine Valentine


It takes courage to ask for help, to open areas in one’s heart and mind that have been protected, perhaps for very good reasons. Maybe now you are feeling that it is the time for you to look at your life, at past events that have helped or hindered you, and how those events might still be affecting you in terms of inaccurate assumptions about yourself and unhealed emotional wounds or maybe you just have a desire for growth and change. Now you want to move from old patterns and approaches to new choices, based on new values and strengths.

My purpose is to provide a safe container into which each individual human being who comes for therapy is welcomed. I will meet you with empathy, compassion, respect and acceptance. Besides being available to listen without judgment, I also am credentialed in “Heart Centered Hypnotherapy,” EMDR, and sand tray therapy.

I honor you in your pursuit of healing and wholeness and encourage you to contact me to talk about what you need in your life right now. Having another person inalienably aligned with your deepest Self creates the freedom to find your unique route to healing and to transformation.