About Boulder Linqs The Premier Networking Group

Last year our group created over $450,000 in business for each other, would you like to have a team of 30 salespeople building your business? Then we are the right place to start. Boulder LINQs was founded to promote the business interests of all the members. We act as ambassadors for fellow members in the wider business community. Membership is limited to one member from each business and professional classification. Attendance at meetings and socials is crucial to getting to know both one another and each other’s businesses. It is in that way that you may confidently recommend fellow members’ services. The group meets 3 Tuesdays / month at the Element Bistro, 6315 Lookout Rd, Boulder, CO. We invite you to have lunch with us twice to see our members in action and decide if you are a good fit for the group.

Weekly Meeting Schedule

11:15 — Greeters arrive(Setup)
11:30 — Members arrive (Networking Time)
11:45 — Meeting begins lead by a Board Member

  • Welcome
  • Introduction of Guests
  • Reading of the LINQS Creed/definition of a lead
  • 1st Speaker (8 minutes)
  • 2nd Speaker (8 minutes)
  • Member Commercials (45 seconds)
  • 3rd Speaker (8 minutes)
  • Announcements/Testimonials
  • Leads Report
  • Membership Report

1:00 — Meeting adjourns

Quarterly Closed Meeting

Once a quarter, we hold a closed meeting to discuss LINQS business, to have guest speakers, or to hold round table discussions. These meetings are for members only (no guests) and the member commercials will be condensed to simply stating name and reporting the number of leads passed.


If you pass a lead to a member who is not present at that week’s meeting, please contact the member directly via phone or email to notify them of the referral.

Monthly dues should be paid at the meeting on the first Tuesday of each month.

Members of LINQS may not be members of any other similar networking organizations which function, in whole or in part, to facilitate the sharing or passing of business leads/referrals among its members. (See the Bylaws and Amendments thereto for further details).

It is your responsibility as a Boulder LINQS member to familiarize yourself with the organization’s Bylaws and to abide by them.

Members Reminders:

  • Please turn off or mute your cell phones prior to entering the meeting room.
  • Be on time.
  • Do not speak during other members’ presentations or commercials.
  • Honor the 45 second time limit for your commercial.
  • Wear your name tag to each meeting.
  • Bring your LINQS book to each meeting and keep it up to date with each member’s cards.
  • If there is a guest, take the time to introduce yourself to them.
  • It is your responsibility to know when you are scheduled to greet/speak. Check the online calendar regularly.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to bring guests – but please make sure to inform the membership committee that you intend to do so and check to make sure that your guest will not conflict with a current member.

Boulder LINQS is a professional organization of outstanding men and women committed to the highest standards of business excellence, growth, integrity, leadership and service.

We are dedicated to building personal relationships among all members so that we may help one another identify potential business opportunities, share qualified business leads, and better serve our clients and our community.

My qualified business lead is a company or person who is interested in a specific service or product and is expecting a call from a Boulder LINQS member.