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  • First and foremost, I’m a mom.
  • I LOVE to travel and have traveled to all continents except for Antarctica.
  • I committed to causes that support children, women’s health, pets, and impoverished people who live developing countries.
  • I own a number of businesses including Business & Life Purpose coaching featuring Scientific Hand Analysis, property management and Dalton vineyard. We grow fabulous winegrapes!
  • I am dedicated to my purpose: “To BE the inspiration for others to live life ON Purpose with Passion.” (Something I discovered in 2001 on a vision quest.)
  • I’ve expressed my purpose primarily through business consulting and coaching business owners over the last 18 years around the world. Some clients have doubled and even tripled their income, which has been exciting to witness. Moreover, I got to witness them grow into their power and express their passion.
  • Now I use Scientific Hand Analysis, the most accurate biometric tool that I have ever seen! It identifies your EXACT Life Purpose and Life Lessons in your fingerprints.
  • My purpose, according to my hands is to serve as the “Successful Pioneering Teacher to Visionary Leaders.”

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Deirdre Dalton Webb
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