Board Members for Boulder Linqs

2017-2018 Committee

Congratulations to our newly elected Board of Directors!

President: David Pasikov

Vice President: Ralph Bailey

Secretary: Alex Mikishko

Treasurer: Michele Storm

Member-at-Large: Valerie Bainton

Committee Information – 2015/2016

Our volunteer committee is a one year commitment beginning May 1st. Thanks to all of our committee members for all that you do.

President  Merix Gustin

Vice President  Anne Devereux

Secretary  Deirdre Dalton Webb

Treasurer  Don Schmidt

Member at Large — Natalie Norbut

Leads Master — Rob Justis


Membership: While inviting guests to attend our meetings is always encouraged, please make sure to notify Membership in advance to ensure that your intended guest does not pose a conflict with a current member.
(Mark Fasnacht)

Social Committee: Organizes social parties and group events.
(Denise Chamberlain / Scott Osgood / Merix Gustin)

Media Committee: Responsible for the building and upkeep of the website.

Ethics Committee: Work with the board members to resolve any ethics issues that may arise.